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Post Surgery Rehabilitation


Physiotherapy can play a vital role in the effectiveness of orthopaedic surgery and in many cases can influence the outcome. Whilst the repair of damaged structures is accomplished during surgery, the rehabilitation process is extremely important to ensure that healing is complete and that full function is recovered. The most common surgical procedures that we provide treatment and rehabilitation programmes for include the following:

Hip Surgery – arthroscopy, repair of labral tears and CAM lesions (femoro-acetabular impingement), open reduction and internal fixation (surgical repair of fractures), resurfacing and total hip replacement surgery

Knee Surgery – arthroscopy, repair of meniscal (cartilage) tears, cruciate ligament reconstruction, micro-fracturing, partial and total knee replacement surgery

Ankle and Foot Surgery – open reduction and internal fixation (surgical repair of fractures), bunionectomy, tendon repairs, ankle stabilisation surgery

Shoulder Surgery – arthroscopy, bursectomy, acromioplasty, rotator cuff tendon repairs, partial and total shoulder replacement surgery

Spinal Surgery – microdiscectomy, laminectomy, foraminectomy, stabilisation of vertebral fractures

In many cases a patient may require specialised assistance and guidance with regard to recovery after other types of surgery. We often receive referrals requesting the implementation and supervision of rehabilitation after general surgery (abdominal, mastectomy), gynaecological surgery (Caesarian section, hysterectomy), cardiac surgery (coronary artery bypass grafting) and vascular surgery (varicose vein surgery). Physiotherapy intervention includes the use of manual therapy techniques to reduce pain and promote early return of movement. The latter stages of post surgical rehabilitation are concerned with the regaining of strength and stamina and ensuring that the return to normal activities is a smooth transition.

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