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Home Visits


In cases where physical limitations or mobility is compromised to such an extent to render a visit to our clinic difficult, stressful or impractical, the Physiotherapists at Neasa Long Partnership Physiotherapy Clinic are happy to provide expert domiciliary physiotherapy care. We can arrange to call to private residential homes, nursing and convalescent homes on request. This service can be availed of for multiple indications, from an elderly person recovering from a fall and a patient rehabilitating post surgery, to a person compromised by a respiratory condition or impaired mobility due to a neurological disorder. Often, our patients only require this service on a short-term basis and once they have regained sufficient mobility, they then continue with their rehabilitation at our clinic. The intervention that we provide as part of our home visit service includes:

  • Assessment and treatment of the condition or injury
  • The prescription and implementation of maintenance programmes
  • Advice regarding the prescription of aids and appliances (in conjunction with occupational therapists and public health nurses)
  • Liaison with family, care-givers and health care professionals as indicated

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the Clinic for further details. Domiciliary treatment fees are generally more expensive than clinic fees due to the additional time and travel costs incurred.




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