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Respiratory Disorders


The aims of physiotherapy treatment in respiratory disorders can include the following:

  • To assess the ability to use prescribed inhalation devices and instruct correct technique (for example in asthma)
  • To help a patient develop techniques for managing and reducing breathlessness by the prescription of specific breathing exercises
  • To optimise a patient’s ability to clear excess secretions by instruction in breathing exercises or the application of manual techniques (chest shaking, vibrations and compression) or the use of gravity assisted positioning (postural drainage) or a combination of all three. Patients who may benefit from these techniques include those with Chronic Bronchitis and Cystic Fibrosis for example.
  • To improve exercise tolerance
  • To treat thoracic joint dysfunction and chest wall pain by manual therapy, which would include mobilisations and manipulations of the thoracic joints and ribs, the stretching and release of the thoracic and costal musculature, postural correction and the prescription of strengthening exercises.
  • To supervise Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation programmes in conjunction with our hospital based physiotherapy colleagues in patients with chronic respiratory conditions. These programmes aim to maximise independence and quality of life by reducing breathlessness on exertion and improving exercise tolerance.

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