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Picking your Running Shoes

This area can be a minefield given the abundance of running shoes which are now available, from Five Finger shoes to Double Shock Absorption anti-pronator shoes and every variation in-between. However, there are some fundamental principles one should be aware of when purchasing running shoes. Firstly, shoes need to be changed approximately every 300-400 miles so look at your budget and the average number of miles you run per week. Secondly, every foot has a unique arch profile and this should dictate whether you require a shoe with a pronator or supinator component. This should be assessed by someone familiar with foot biomechanics. Rear foot stability and running surface are also factors which will determine if dual cushioning or simply gel cushioning is sufficient for you.

Advising someone on the shoes which is best appropriate for them without looking at foot biomechanics is very difficult and is not to be advised.  However if you take the above guidelines into consideration it should help in the decision making process. Unfortunately if you continue to experience pain despite changing your shoes, you may require a more in depth assessment of the foot biomechanics.

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