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Management and Treatment

Management and treatment of these injuries should include ergonomic/workstation assessment to highlight the aggravating factors along with posture check, and exercise regime. Stages 1 – 3 recovery may take several weeks. Stage 4 recovery can be protracted and a return to the aggravating activity may not always be possible.


Physiotherapy treatment includes advice on good working posture, the prescription of stretches including advice on stretch breaks, soft tissue massage, myofascial trigger point treatment (both manual and dry needling techniques) and pain relieving electrotherapy and thermal modalities. As always


“Prevention is better than cure”



Good ergonomics

Good posture/back care

Stretch breaks


Early intervention is key in preventing these injuries from progressing to permanent disorders.

10 Steps to be comfortable at your desk

  1. Adjust seat height so elbows are approximately at a 90 angle when typing
  2. Feet firmly on the ground
  3. Sit close to your desk with shoulders relaxed and arms by your sides
  4. Keep your lower back in contact with your back rest
  5. Have your monitor centred in front of you and at fingertip distance away
  6. Top of your screen at eye level
  7. Have the keyboard in front of the monitor and the mouse close to the keyboard
  8. Maintain leg room under the desk
  9. Change posture frequently and get up from the chair frequently
  10. Look away from the monitor at least every 20 minutes to reduce eyestrain

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